Top 10 countries with Covid cases and deaths

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THE world topped 300 million cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) Saturday, January 8, 2022, as the more transmissible Delta and Omicron variants continue to tear through populations.

Nearly two years since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March 2020, cases continue to pile up with the total global case count hitting 303,867,612 on Saturday.

Deaths also neared 5.5 million as they hit 5,497,567 Saturday, according to Worldometer, which collects data on 222 countries and territories from official government as well as local media reports.

Topping the list of total cases globally is the United States with 60,464,426 cases, accounting for a whopping 20 percent of all cases reported worldwide.

Coming in second and third are India with 35,368,372 cases and Brazil with 22,450,222 cases.

The others in the top 10 are the United Kingdom (14,193,228 cases), France (11,511,452), Russia (10,618,035), Turkey (9,850,488), Germany (7,458,396), Spain (7,164,906) and Italy (7,083,762).

The Philippines ranked 20th with its 2,936,875 cases.

But with their large populations, none of these countries appeared in the top 10 in terms of total cases per one million population.

The UK placed just 11th with 207,422 cases per one million population; United States, 181,061 cases per million (19th place); France, 175,767 cases per million (21st place); Spain 153,153 cases per million (38th place); and Italy, 117,423 cases per million (54th place).

The Philippines ranked 138th in this measure with 26,271 cases per million population.

Most areas that made it to the top 10 in this measure were islands with small populations.

In terms of deaths, the five deadliest places were the United States with a death toll of 858,346, followed by Brazil, 619,878 deaths; India, 483,463 deaths; Russia, 315,400, and Mexico, 300,101 deaths.

Rounding out the top 10 are Peru, 202,981; United Kingdom, 149,744; Indonesia, 144,121; Italy, 138,697; and Iran, 131,821.

The Philippines ranked 21st with its 52,135 deaths.

In terms of deaths per million population, Peru topped the list with 6,029 deaths per million; followed by Bulgaria with 4,582 deaths per million, and Bosnia and Herzegovina with 4,175 deaths per million.

As for the three countries that topped the death toll in terms of absolute number of deaths, Brazil ranked 14th with 2,885 deaths per million population; the US ranked 20th with 2,570 deaths per million population, while Russia ranked 31st with 2,160 deaths per million.

The Philippines ranked 121st with its 466 deaths per million population.

This was based on a Philippine population figure of 111,791,127.