Top 10 things to do in staycation

Everybody needs a vacation, with all the holidays due this month of October, long weekends are expected. But what can you do if you are on a budget? The next best thing is STAYCATION. Staycation is just a term used for spending your time-off at home.  In the days of the competitive airfares and a booming economy this would never have been considered.  Of course, there would be times where you would just want to get away and explore new places.  But with climate change here to stay, one can’t exactly predict the weather anymore. So booking will be a challenge; might as well opt for staycation. It can bond your family closer as well as promote your own city’s or province’s tourism. Here are the top 10 things to do in your staycation. Ultimate Movie Night – Have a movie marathon. This is one of the cheapest bonding moments you can do. With the boom of technology anybody can download their all time favourite movies as well as American or Asian series. Or if you are the purist you can buy or rent DVDs. It all depends on the preference. To make things more interesting you have a “Movie Theater” theme party.

Book and Drama Day

Book and Drama Day – Spend the day outside re-enacting the family’s favourite books with costumes and with a set that you built together as a family. It is never too late to become a writer and make your own story together.

Backyard or Indoor Camping

Backyard or Indoor Camping – Pack up your sleeping bags, fire up the grill, and grab a couple of flashlights and lawn chairs. Don't let anyone back in the house -- except to use the bathroom, of course. And leave your laptops, cell phones and handheld games behind. Organize some games with the kids like board games and tell ghost stories. Spa Day – Everybody needs time to relax and be pampered. Good thing there are lots of good spa places near you and some even cater for kids. This is a fun way to relax and bond together. Get a Hotel room in your own city–maybe flying to a destination is beyond your budget; good thing you can always have the option to stay in a decent hotel near you. Choose a hotel with a pool or spa and get that well deserved massage or beauty treatment. Act like a Tourist – spend a day or two getting to know the city you live in. Visit the churches, museums, historical sites, landmarks and use the local transportation. This can be very educational. Learn Something – Ever wanted to learn how to paint, cook like a chef or extreme sports? Many places offer most courses we are interested in whether short cooking or baking courses, rock climbing and art classes. Family Feast Night – you can have a cook off or culinary war just like in Iron chef. Have a secret ingredient and all the members of the family must make a dish out of the secret ingredient. Everyone can taste the masterpiece and vote on the best dish.

Music Days

Music Days – With almost every video created being viral, the family can record their own music video. They can form a family band and make music videos together. You can just lip-synch the song or make your own instruments. Who knows your family will be the next YouTube sensation. Bring the Destination At Home – Staycation is more special by using themes. If you can’t go to a beach, then throw a beach party or Luau party. Been dreaming of an African Safari, but can’t go, then dress up and go to the zoo or have an ocean park adventure. Staycations are meant to be enjoyed.It too can help us deviate from our respective careers of choice. While you are at it, constantly remind yourself that you are on vacation so as not to be tempted going back to the “real world”. Staycations can be relaxing and fun. Best of all, you can still have the quality time you always wished you can have with your family without busting your wallets.