Top health/fitness apps: toned buttocks, gorgeous hair, and situps in front of the TV

Around the globe this week, top health apps in the iTunes Store help tone your abs and buttocks, improve your hair, and tighten the body while watching your favorite television show.

Here is a selection taken from the top ten paid health and fitness apps on iTunes by country/region for the week, recorded on June 13.

Spain: Abs and Buttocks
Featuring photos and videos, this fitness app is Spain's fourth most popular paid health app in the iTunes Store. €1.59.

France: KcalMe - Mincir en 3D
This nutritionist-backed app dubs itself "the first 3D calorimeter" to help you shed pounds and track your calorie intake. Contains more than 7,650 French-centric dishes in its reference database, with three-dimensional images of proper portion size. Ranks as France's second most popular paid health app in the iTunes Store this week. €2.39.

India: Hair Care
This instructional app features 25 video tips and tricks for taking care of your locks, from preventing dandruff with tomato therapy to homemade hot oil treatment. India's eighth most popular paid health app. $4.99.

Japan: Training to Tighten the Body
The sixth most popular app in the iTunes App Store in Japan, this app offers 10-minute full-body workouts to perform daily while watching television. $.99.

US: Nike+ GPS
Still a frontrunner around the globe, Nike's app monitors heart rate data, calorie burn, pace and distance of runs and other workouts, in addition to inspirational notes from Nike athletes, voice feedback, and links to social media. This week, the app ranks number one in paid health apps in the US's iTunes App Store. $1.99.

Denmark: iMindfulness
This Danish language app was developed by psychologist Jeppe Budde and iDeal Development to offer mindfulness meditation in three guided programs of durations of four, 10, and 20 minutes. Ranks as Denmark's second most popular paid health app. €1.59.

Canada: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Place your iPhone in your bed and the app works by measuring your movements while you sleep, waking you in a phase of lighter sleep. This week the app ranks as Canada's second most popular paid app in the iTunes store. $.99.

China: Pocket Check-Up
Available in English and Chinese, Pocket Check-Up features medical tests you perform yourself, including heart rate, speech audiometry, and vision. Pro version offers six more tests, including memory, color vision, intelligence, BMI, personality, and astigmatism. The app ranks as China's eighth most popular paid health iTunes app this week. Price: $2.99.

Malaysia: Stress Check Pro by Azumio
This app transforms your iPhone into a stress gauge. To use, hold your index finger over the iPhone's camera flash for two minutes. The app then claims to measure your blood flow to indicate elevated stress levels. This week, the app ranks as the country's fourth most popular paid health app. $.99.