Tortang talong and balut takes top and worst spot in world's egg dishes rankings

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Balut/ Balot: Developing fertilized duck embryo egg dish food snack street that is boiled and eaten in the shell eaten mostly in the Philippines Filipino Pinoy Southeast Asian countries.
Balut: a developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell eaten mostly in the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries. (Photo: Getty Images)

According to a ranking of egg dishes around the world by online food guide Taste Atlas, the Philippines has the best egg dish in the world in tortang talong, as well as the dubious honor of the worst egg dish in balut.

Last Sunday (August 7), Taste Atlas posted a ranking of selected items from 182 egg dishes that were rated by users, including the best and worst dishes.

Tortang talong (eggplant omelette) was rated the best dish, with a score of 4.7 out of 5.

tortang talong with giniling, eggplant omelet with ground pork, filipino food
Tortang talong with giniling. (Photo: Getty Images)

Balut (fertilized bird egg), on the other hand, was rated the worst, with a score of 2.7.

Other egg dishes that were featured in the ranking included eggs benedict from the US, which received a "great" score of 4.2, and century eggs from China, which scored "OK" at 3.8.

Although balut is a popular and common dish in the Philippines, it's not hard to imagine why it was ranked right at the bottom. It's a difficult dish to stomach, even for some Pinoys.

However, it's important to note that Taste Atlas's ratings were submitted by its website users, and the score for each dish continually changes as individual users submit their scores.

It's also crucial to note that at the time of this article's publication, only 59 out of the 182 egg dishes listed on Taste Atlas were rated with a number score. The rest were marked with an "N.A." rating, which indicates that dishes are not ranked if there is insufficient data.

This means that Taste Atlas's awarding of the "worst" placing to balut did not mean that it was ranked at 182nd.

As of this article's publication, the ranking of tortang talong had become No. 33, with a score of 3.8, and balut was ranked at No. 58 with a score of 2.9.

Interestingly, another Filipino egg dish, tokneneng, was No. 59, also with a score of 2.9.

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