Tourist stuck in airport in the Philippines for 110 days amid coronavirus pandemic

A tourist is pleading to be rescued after spending more than 100 days living in an airport due to the coronavirus pandemic. Roman Trofimov has been staying in the departures area of Manila airport in the Philippines since he arrived in the country on an AirAsia flight from Bangkok on March 20. The Estonian, who had been travelling in Southeast Asia, said his passport was taken before going through immigration. The airline was also unable to return him to Thailand. Roman was denied entry into the Philippines due to the entry visas no longer being issued for arrivals. Roman was then caught up in the ensuing chaos and confusion. He has been living in the airport for 110 days between March 20 and July 7. The tourist likened his situation to being a prisoner. He said: ''I've been stuck here for more than 100 days. I need help getting out. "The airline said I need to wait for Enhanced Community Quarantine to be over before I am allowed to fly. I've been waiting here ever since.'' Roman had an onward flight to Cebu province booked for the same day on March 20 and a return flight to Bangkok for April 2. Both were cancelled. The desperate tourist said he had asked his embassy for help but they were unable to organise a repatriation flight. He has been sleeping in an airport departures hotel room and surviving on food and snacks donated by staff. Coronavirus restrictions were implemented according to the risk level of a region. The Metro Manila was under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) for a few months before it shifted to a lower level General Community Quarantine in June. However, despite having a more relaxed guideline under the GCQ status, most flights are still not allowed to resume including going to Estonia. Roman added: "I am a person with disability, my health is getting worse because of malnutrition, lack of sun, and fresh air. I have no other choice, but to go public please share with news agencies."