Traffic build-up, construction price hike among CCLEX issues identified

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LESS than a month since its opening, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) Corporation has identified some issues that needed to be addressed by both the concessionaire and the local government units (LGUs) of Cebu City and Cordova.

Engineer Ricky Dakay, chairman of the project's steering committee, said in a press conference Wednesday, May 25, 2022, that some concerns include the build-up of traffic and the increase in the construction price of the bridge.

According to Dakay, the cash-only payment method is causing a delay in the flow of traffic near the toll plaza.

A car should only take seven to eight seconds when paying, but the CCLEX management had observed a delay of four to five seconds, he said.

Dakay added that there are instances when toll attendants cannot provide immediately the change of the drivers especially, when they pay using big bills.

The CCLEX Corporation is now urging the drivers to prepare the exact amount when paying to avoid delays at the toll gates.

Dakay said this problem is only temporary since the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will be activated on July or August.

Meanwhile, Dakay also mentioned that the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and recent weather phenomena have increased the construction cost of the bridge.

The cost has ballooned from P30 billion to P35 billion due to these factors, but Dakay said they have already sought relief mechanisms to cover the increase.

One of which is to extend the concession period of CCLEX Corporation before turning it over to the LGUs of Cebu City and Cordova.

Dakay said that from the original concession period of 35 years, the CCLEX Corporation and both LGUs have agreed to extend the period for another 10 years to mitigate the increase in the building cost.

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