Traffic enforcer sell delicacies to augment income

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JOSEPH Angtud, 53, has been a traffic enforcer working for the Mandaue City Government for the last 28 years.

For close to three decades, Angtud’s job helped put food on the table and send his three kids to school.

But when the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic struck Cebu last year, Angtud realized that his salary wasn’t enough to keep his family afloat.

To help augment his income, Angtud decided to sell local delicacies to Mandaue City Hall employees and other people as a sideline.

He currently has a small stall at the back of City Hall where he sells masi (rice dumplings with peanut butter filling), puto balanghoy (cassava cake), puto cheese (rice cake with cheese), puto flan (rice cake with leche flan topping), macaroons, pichi-pichi (steamed cassava flour balls covered in grated coconut), Spanish sardines and pure honey, among others.

Angtud told SunStar Cebu he decided to sell delicacies after he sold empanadas (fried turnovers with meat filling) to his co-workers.

He decided to bring in more delicacies after more employees at City Hall bought his products.

As his sideline grew, Angtud decided to set up shop near a parlor situated behind City Hall.

But despite his newfound entrepreneurial skills, Angtud said he never neglected his job as a traffic enforcer.

“I am proud of being a traffic enforcer in Mandaue City because I was able to help people. This job also helped me provide for my family. This helped me send my three children to school and graduate from college,” Angtud said in Cebuano.

Angtud is currently assigned at City Hall’s designated parking space where he ensures City Hall employees park their cars properly.

He also manages traffic along Zamora St. in Barangay Centro.

Angtud said he sources his products from his neighbors.

He said his neighbors are grateful to him as he often sells their products immediately after he buys from them.

Not only has he helped his family when he ventured into business, but Angtud has also helped his neighbors.

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