The trailer for Stephon Marbury's Chinese movie is very good

Stephon Marbury attends the China Beijing Film Festival in 2016. (AP)

Stephon Marbury’s second life as a superstar of the Chinese Basketball Association has been one of the most remarkable stories in the recent history of the sport. After seemingly reaching the end of his career in 2009, the two-time All-Star crossed the Pacific Ocean to look for another opportunity. The gamble has been a major success. Marbury is now one of the most popular athletes in a basketball-crazy country and has won three championships with the Beijing Ducks. Marbury’s future in the league is up in the air — the Ducks terminated his contract in April and he’s now 40 years old — but his legacy is intact.

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Marbury is popular enough, in fact, that he’s starring as himself in a Chinese-language feature film made about his time in China. The biopic “My Other Home” was announced back in June 2016, and its trailer was released back in May (though only getting attention in the United States now). Please watch it below, because it is very good (via Deadspin):

There’s a lot going on here, from an apparent rivalry with Baron Davis to the presences of veteran character actors Frankie Faison (as Marbury’s father Donald) and Loretta Devine. The film’s IMDb page also lists Allen Iverson as a cast member (playing himself, unfortunately), so this is no under-the-radar project. It’s a safe bet that it’s expected to make some real money.

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It might even turn out to be good. While Starbury’s acting experience is limited to his still terrific “tastefully done” ESPN the Magazine ad with Kevin Garnett, the trailer showcases several scenes in which he cries and displays legitimate emotion. “My Other Home” figures to be fairly hokey, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be affecting in spots. With his basketball career near its end, maybe Marbury can start yet another surprising chapter as an actor.

“My Second Home” opens in China this July. We will do everything we can to see it.

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