Transwoman high school nurse brutally murdered in Abra

Estee Sayen, a transwoman high school nurse in Abra, was brutally murdered while on her way to work. (Photo: Abra TV/Facebook)
Estee Sayen, a transwoman high school nurse in Abra, was brutally murdered while on her way to work. (Photo: Abra TV/Facebook)

Another case of trans killing has been recorded after a transwoman high school nurse in Abra was gunned down by unidentified gunmen outside a carwash at around 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday (September 28).

According to reports, Estee Sayen was on her way to work at Suyo National High School when the assailant who has been following her shot her multiple times.

Sayen was taken to a nearby hospital but she was declared dead on arrival.

Bangued Municipal Police, meanwhile, were able to intercept the two suspects after reviewing the CCTV footage in the area. The two were found fleeing on a motorcycle towards the nearby town of Santa Rosa in Bangued, Abra.

Mafelino Bazar, Bangued Municipal Police Station’s chief, condemned the incident, saying that such acts of violence have no place in society.

Bazar is also calling for those with information about the crime to come forward and cooperate with the investigation.

“We are saddened to know about the incident. Such acts of violence have no place in our society, we condemn in the strongest terms the killing of the victim,” Bazar said.

“We also sound our deepest condolences to the victim’s family, rest assured we are doing all our means to give justice to the victim and [her] family,” he added.

LGBTQIA+ Abra also condemned the “brutal killing” of Sayen and called on the authorities to swiftly deliver justice.

“We demand swift investigation and justice to this killing to one of our members. Once again, it puts to light the prejudice, hatred and impunity that LGBTQIA+ face in their daily existence and struggles,” they said.

“We call on authorities to show its might against law-breaking citizens who commit cold blood murder in a civilized society that promotes respect and dignity to human lives,” they added.

At least 50 transgender or nonbinary individuals have been murdered in the Philippines since 2010, according to a report by The Fuller Project. However, they said that the real death toll is likely much higher.

LGBTQ+ activist groups have been calling for the passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill amid spiking cases of trans killings in the country.

“We won’t allow our killings to become normal. We won’t allow violence to become the norm,” Rey Valmores Salinas, Bahaghari’s spokesperson, said in a statement after two trans individuals were brutally murdered in 2021.

“It’s time for us to fight this culture of abuse, by passing a law to protect all of us from discrimination — the SOGIE Equality Bill,” Salinas added.

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