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Fengshui master David Tong gives some tips

Travellers who are looking to increase their luck in the Year of the Water Snake can pick up a few tips from feng shui master David Tong.

The astrologer was hired by Jetstar Asia to analyze one of the airline’s aircraft and draw conclusions from the plane’s energy flow.

His analysis uncovered lucky destinations and travel times for each animal in the Chinese Zodiac – and the results have been tabulated into a wheel called “Jetstar’s Feng Shui of Flying”.

For a more personal touch, passengers can log on to and input information such as their date of birth, gender and reasons for travelling.

The feng shui analysis generated would then advise them on the best seats to choose for love, career, health, wealth and friendship.

Popular recommendations include:
• Men travelling for good health should seat themselves in rows 9, 19 or 29.
• Women looking for wealth should choose rows 1, 11 or 21.
• Looking to make new friends? Make sure you pick rows 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 or 24.
• The early bird catches the worm: Between 5am and 7am is the time that’ll bring the most amount of luck to travellers.
• 7pm to 9pm is also an auspicious time to take to the skies.