Trillanes attacks 'new face of Arroyo'

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Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has a new face.

And Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV vowed to unmask the identity of Arroyo’s lackey, who he said is part of opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) leadership.

Trillanes, who is running for reelection under administration’s Team PNoy, said voters deserve to know that it was actually Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who lobbied to have Arroyo treated abroad.

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“I think it should be highlighted that he is the new face of GMA (Arroyo). We need to remind the people about this and that’s why we don’t hear him say anything against GMA,” Trillanes told reporters.

“He (Enrile) was the one who lobbied that GMA should be allowed to go out of the country (for medical treatment) and it’s very clear that they are (working) together),” Trillanes added.

Trillanes, who the Commission on Audit (CoA) named as the biggest spender in Senate in 2011, said this is why the senate president is mum on issues on high-profile corruption allegations against Arroyo.

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The former junior Navy officer had been very vocal about his opposition against Enrile, who he accused of implementing unethical policies in his leadership in the Senate.

He also engaged in a nasty word war with Enrile, who claimed the former junior military officer had sold Philippine territorial integrity to China in a series of backdoor negotiations last year.

But Enrile, who has been endorsing UNA senatorial candidates, refused to comment on Trillanes’ attacks saying he does not want to campaign against anybody.

“I don’t know. They can do what they want but I will not campaign anybody. You will not see me attack anyone in this campaign. We have to be issue-based here,” Enrile said in a separate interview.

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San Juan City Rep. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito asked Trillanes and anyone running under Team PNoy to stop making Arroyo their regular punching bag just to advance their senatorial campaign.

Ejercito, the son of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, became the unlikely defender of Arroyo when he criticized the Liberal Party for blasting the former president.

“It has been a routine to the administration party that whenever President (Benigno) Noynoy Aquino (III)’s rating is becoming low, they are attacking Arroyo,” Ejercito said.

“Let us leave her. Let justice takes it course. She is already charged and jailed. The foremost issues that the administration should focus is the problem on unemployment and poverty in the country today,” he added.

Ejercito had strongly criticized Arroyo in the House of Representatives during the 15th Congress due to due to her role in the second EDSA People Power, which ousted his father from the presidency.