TV5 employee union files notice of strike

Around 600 workers from major television station TV5 is threatening to hold work stoppage after a deadlock marred its collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations last month. In a statement, the Associated Broadcasting Company Employees Union (ABCEU), a labor union of TV5, filed a notice of strike before the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) last Friday after its talks with its management on the non-economic provisions of its CBA bogged down, particularly on job security. This comes after TV5 management opposed the inclusion of its initiative to rename some of its departments and positions, saying the scheduled CBA meeting last November 11 is not the venue for such discussion. ABCEU, however, insisted on taking up the new policy since it claimed TV5 could use the provision to indiscriminately source out its manpower needs to third party service providers. “They will declare the previous positions within the said departments as redundant and ask them (workers holding the position) to resign later on,” ABCEU explained. “Our fear is that in the near futures this could eventually lead to massive contractualization,” it added. ABCEU earlier questioned the policy through a grievance complaint, when it affected seven of their members. The group later decided to forgo the complaint and just include it during the scheduled CBA negotiations. “What we are asking to be included in the CBA, would be for management to first consult us before changing the name or position...while they were more than willing to talk about wage hike, what good would it be if on the next day you no longer have a job,” ABCEU said. The TV5 management contested this saying the non-economic provision should not be a part of the initial phase of the CBA. During the meeting, ABCEU also raised the issue of late remittance of union dues and the exclusion of the still being built office of TV5 in Mandaluyong City from the scope of the CBA. A conciliation and mediation talks will be held by DoLE at 2 p.m. tomorrow to try to resolve the ongoing labor dispute.

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