Twitter index: iPhone 5 rumors sweep Twitter

Microbloggers are buzzing about rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 on Thursday, August 2.  

Rumors surrounding the pricing of the iPhone 5 are sweeping Twitter, accounting for two of the top 10 worldwide trending topics - "#800DollarsForAniPhone" and "iPhone 5 $800."

These trending topics relate to an unsubstantiated rumor that the next generation iPhone -- the as of yet unreleased iPhone 5 -- will cost $800.  Apple has yet to release any details on the pricing of the next gen iPhone, which is expected to hit shelves later in 2012.

However despite the lack of any conformation from Apple, Twitter users have reacted with fury to the rumors; microblogger Michael  (@Mshaw_) tweeted "#800DollarsForAniPhone The screen better be unbreakable," Josh (@_j0sh) tweeted "iPhone 5 $800? it better be waterproof, fireproof, crackproof, dirtproof, bulletproof ,bombproof and be able to cook and clean for me" and Rene (@WenhuiRene) tweeted "iPhone 5 $800? Siri better turn into a jet pack when I put it on Airplane Mode."

Also causing a buzz is British-Irish boyband One Direction and the band's forthcoming visit to Spain, and Indonesian band Peterpan, which has now changed its name to Noah, sparking the trending topic "Welcome Noah."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 2 at 1:00 PM GMT are:

01.  #10NegaraYanginAkuKunjungi
02.  #800DollarsForAniPhone
03.  #BirbirimiziTakipCünküFenerbahçeliyiz
04.  iPhone 5 $800
05.  SpainCan'tWaitForThe1DWorldTour2013
06.  We Are Directioners
07.  Demi Is Our Unbroken Girl
08.  Trib 1
09.  Welcome NOAH
10.  MyrtleAndYvesRawr StayStongMyrves