Twitter index: Jordan 11 Bred released, merry Christmas

On Friday, December 21, Twitter users are getting excited about the release of Nike's Jordan 11 Breds and wishing one another a merry Christmas. 

The Nike Air Jordan 11, also known as the Bred, has been causing a buzz among sneaker fans around the USA as the popular shoes go on sale around the country.

The Breds, which come in black with a red sole, are one of the most prized types of sneakers in the range and have led many fans to wait in line at retail outlets throughout the night in the hopes of securing a pair, which sells for around $250 plus tax.

Elsewhere on Twitter microbloggers are wishing each other a "merry Christmas" or "feliz Navidad."

Friday's apocalypse-that-wasn't is also causing a buzz with "21st of December" trending in seventh place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 21 at 2:00pm GMT are:     

01. #TeEngañoComoLosMayas
02. #Happy2YearsJonasShopIndo
03. #IllNeverRegretMeeting
04. #7MesesEmbarcandoNesseCarrossel
05. #NoNatalEu
06. SGAE
07. 21st of December
08. Merry Christmas
09. Feliz Navidad
10. Breds