Twitter index: Niall Horan turns 19, Demi Lovato appears on 'X Factor'

On September 13 fans of British-Irish boy band One Direction are wishing member Niall Horan a happy birthday, while Demi Lovato is causing a buzz after appearing on American TV show The X Factor

Niall Horan is celebrating his 19th birthday on September 13, accounting for two top ten trending topics, first placed "#DirectionersSayHappyBirthdayToNiall" and fifth placed "Romania Wishes Niall A Sweet 19."

Also causing a buzz today is American singer Demi Lovato. As one of the new judges on American talent competition The X Factor, Lovato comforted a young singer taking part in the competition.

The singer, Jillian Jensen, who had been bullied at school and had the same "Stay Strong" tattoo as Lovato, was comforted by Lovato after giving a particularly tear-jerking performance, causing "Awww Demi" to trend in fourth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on September 13 at 1:00pm GMT are: 

01.  #DirectionersSayHappyBirthdayToNiall
02. #FavoriSarkiSözlerim
03. #StarRadioPDGInodnesiaSMTOWN
04. Awww Demi
05. Romania Wishes Niall A Sweet 19
06. El Coss
07. iTouch 5
08. Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez
09. Libya
10. Feliz Jueves