Two banks take seven hours to count 9,999 coins a couple received as a 'lucky' wedding gift

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A man and his friend gave two Chinese banks a major headache after bringing in a bucket with 9,999 coins.

The gift of eternal love: In a now-viral video taken on Nov. 15, a man identified as Jiang brought a bucket of his 9,999 1-yuan coins (approximately $1,566) to one of the banks to deposit in China’s Henan Province.


  • According to Newsflare, Jiang received the coins as a wedding gift from his five childhood friends.

  • In the video, two men can be seen taking the bucket of coins, which weighed over 60 kg (130 pounds), from the back of a car to a bank.

  • They reportedly took the coins to a second bank as well. Both banks spent a total of seven hours counting the almost 10,000 1-yuan coins.

  • Lucky number 9: The number 9 is popular at birthdays and weddings, as it represents eternity in Chinese numerology. The highest single-digit number has the same pronunciation as “jiu,” the Chinese character that means everlasting.

  • The number 9 is also traditionally linked to Chinese emperors, some of whom had silk robes embroidered with nine dragons.

  • A popular myth also states that the Forbidden Palace has 9,999 and a half rooms because only the God of Heaven, or the Jade Emperor, deserved 10,000 rooms.

Featured Image via South China Morning Post

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