Two women murdered

TWO women, including a police asset, were murdered in separate shooting incidents in different villages in Cebu City.

The fatalities were identified as Vicenta “Venji” Abaño, 40, and Mila Gabayan, 35.

At 12:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 29, 2019, Abaño, 40, was shot to death inside her live-in partner’s house in Sitio Missionaries, Barangay Suba, making her the fourth member of her family to be killed in just five months.

Investigators still have to determine if her murder was related to her being an informant for the police.

The victim’s father Alejandro, the former barangay captain of Jagoliao, Getafe town, Bohol, and her relative Junrey Boc were murdered while asleep in Jagoliao last June 28.

Less than a month later, on July 21, her brother Niñolito was killed by a gunman inside a machine shop in Barangay Pahina San Nicolas, Cebu City. Niñolito was the manager of Jagoliao Mangrove Farm.

San Nicolas Police Station chief Kenneth Paul Albotra said criminals could have exacted revenge on Abaño as she was an informant for different anti-illegal drug units.

The victim had mentioned several names of pushers to the San Nicolas Police Station, but only two personalities had been arrested.

Investigators still have to determine if the murders are linked.

The victim’s live-in partner was not around when the incident happened.

In a separate interview, P/Cpl. Carlos Irizari, investigator, said not a single one of Abaño’s neighbors would tell if they had seen the culprits before the victim was killed.

He believed that the culprits had followed her. Abaño had reported to the San Nicolas Police Station that her live-in partner was forcibly taken by unidentified men before she went home.

In Sitio Camboag, Barangay Pulangbato, Cebu City, Gabayan, 35, was found dead with gunshot wounds in her head and jaw.

She was discovered around 5:30 a.m. The victim worked as an on-call manicurist and masseuse.

Police are still looking for witnesses who could help them identify the culprits.

Gabayan was last seen in her neighborhood in Sitio Candarong, Pulangbato around noon of Thursday, Nov. 28. (BBT / RSR / RKT)