Typhoon Odette wipes out over P200M in Cebu’s hog industry

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THE commercial hog farm industry in Cebu lost about P256.9 million due to Typhoon Odette (Rai), which hit the province on the evening of Dec. 16, 2021.

Despite this, a group that engages in pork production assured that meat consumers in Cebu have nothing to worry about.

In a statement Wednesday, Dec. 29, the Central Visayas Pork Producers Cooperative (CeViPPCo) estimated the damage in commercial hog farm operations alone at P256.9 million.

CeViPPCo said it is expecting bigger damage in backyard hog-raisers’ farms.

Enough pork supply

The group, however, said despite the damage sustained by farms during the onslaught of Typhoon Odette, there is more than enough supply of pork for the Cebuanos for the holidays.

“We have more than enough supply of pork in Cebu. In fact, we are sending surplus to Luzon to augment the supply gap in Manila,” said Rolando Tambago, chairman of CeViPPCo.

Tambago said some consumers and retailers may have observed that there has been less supply of pork in wet markets or supermarkets.

This, however, is caused by the challenges in distribution due to limitations in logistics and communication in the wake of Typhoon Odette, he said.

With regard to prices, Tambago said CeViPPCo members have committed not to impose a price increase even with their higher costs to produce now.

“We will try to hold on to our pre-typhoon farm gate prices as a way of helping our fellow Cebuanos, aside from the relief efforts that we have extended to some areas in Cebu. We hope that hog traders and retailers will also do the same on maintaining their retail prices during this time of crisis,” he said.

Hog feeds shortage

Meanwhile, reports on shortages of hog feeds have also circulated in Cebu.

Tambago admitted that there was a challenge in securing the feeds, especially in the days following the typhoon as feed mills also sustained damage and roads leading to their facilities were blocked by toppled poles and trees, limiting the access to deliveries.

“We have to cope with production (of feeds) now. Thankfully, the majority of the commercial feed mills are now running on diesel-powered generator sets. Hopefully, in the coming days, feeds production will be normalized,” Tambago said.

Tambago said they are hoping for a faster restoration of electricity in the province as this will really help increase the production of feeds.

Should there really be a need to augment feeds supply in Cebu, Tambago said Cebu hog raisers could source supplies from Negros and Iloilo. (JOB, PR)

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