U.S. and England set to face off in FIFA World Cup on Friday

Yahoo Finance Live looks ahead to the upcoming World Cup match between the U.S. and England this Friday.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: All right, well, there's no shortage of drama at the World Cup, both on and off the field. But now that the tournament is underway, it's all about the game. And today's big upset, Japan beating Germany, 2-1. And that comes off Argentina's shocking loss yesterday to Saudi Arabia. So Dave, are you gearing up to watch the US versus England on Friday? It's going to be hard to watch. And I'll be trying to be calm.

DAVE BRIGGS: It won't be hard to watch for me at all. Very much rooting for the United States to advance beyond their group because right now, it feels like a long shot after their first match. It's going to be really fascinating, Rachelle, in terms of the seasonality of this. We've never had a World Cup at Thanksgiving and over Black Friday.

How will it impact the audience and ratings, in particular, here in the United States? Maybe not abroad as much as it is here, but look at tomorrow. You've got three NFL games. You've got huge college football matchups on Friday, and then a pivotal NFL weekend over the weekend. So that will be fascinating to see how it's different than we've ever seen before.