'Very warm' weather predicted for UK next week after 'torrential thunderstorms'

Members of the public kayak and paddle board on the River Thames over the weekend. (Getty)

“Very warm” weather is heading towards the UK next week, following thunderstorms currently battering parts of the country.

According to the Met Office, some areas of Britain could be set for temperatures of up to 27C at the beginning of next week.

It comes despite the Met Office issuing several yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms and predicting up to 50mm in the next few days.

Bonnie Diamond, a Met Office meteorologist, told Yahoo News UK: “Temperatures are already into the warm side.

People walk and play on the beach and in the sea in Bridlington on the Yorkshire coast. (Getty)

“We are battling with a few torrential thunderstorms at the moment. These thunderstorms are very slow-moving and affecting large parts of the UK.

“Over the next few days we will see around 40-50 mm of rain falling and areas of localised flooding.

“At the same time, today could see temperatures of around 25C and 26C today in parts of the South East.

“Through the weekend we are seeing a return to westerly winds and fresher weather and it will be breezier too.”

Despite the unsettled conditions affecting much of the UK this week, Diamond said next week’s weather should see a return to sunnier spells.

“Next week things will turn warmer from Monday 22nd onwards,” Diamond added.

“As we head into next week the forecast becomes less certain but it does look like temperature could be very warm into next week across southern parts of the UK.

“Temperatures next week London [and the] South East could be 25C possibly even 27C in the best of the sunshine.

“We would say there’s a low probability of temperatures hitting 30C it is more likely to be in the mid 20C. But it certainly will feel pretty warm and very pleasant.

“That’s not the case for the whole UK, but temperatures will be quite widely into the low to mid 20s.”

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