#UnderTheSun: Ready, Set, Payr!

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In a highly saturated market like burger and ribs, restaurants both old and new have to exceed customers’ expectations.

Tucked along General Echavez St., Cebu City, is a restaurant run by friends Rey, Bryan and James.

Cebuano slang for “let’s go,” Payr serves a generous helping of meals that’s guaranteed to satisfy one’s hunger, without feeling the pang in your pockets.

Serving up meals hot off the grill like its best-selling Payr Ribs available in three sauces: barbecue, spicy and pesto; 100 percent Pure Beef Payr Burgers in six variants (Original, Bacon and Mushroom, Cajun, Sisig, Double Decker, Triple Decker) served with homemade potato chips; Xtra Large Chicken Meals; Crunchy Chicken Burgers; and Payr Chicken Poppers, it’s unbelievable that all these are priced from P98 to P288 only.

Despite being underdogs in the flavorful world of ribs and burgers, Payr is definitely worth looking out for.

Another star on its menu are its bang-for-your-buck ribs. The tender, fall-off-the-bone meat with just the right hint of smokiness and spice accumulated from a marriage of skill, talent, marination and charcoal grilling, will make you go, “Lami-a gyud, bai!”

As for the burgers? One absolutely can’t go wrong with homemade brioche buns cradling meaty, juicy and flavorful patties. That in itself is good enough, but with the additional layer of fresh produce like thinly sliced tomatoes, crisp lettuce and a subtly salty blanket of molten cheese, Payr’s version of flame-grilled burgers doesn’t fall short of nods and approvals.

With quarantine restrictions still ongoing in Cebu City, Payr is offering alfresco dining with a 50 percent maximum capacity. Deliveries are also available for those who want to dine at the comfort of their homes. Curious foodies may send them a message via Facebook (@Letsgopayr) or through mobile (0956 220 3331).

Dive into a generous helping of deliciously smoking ribs and flavorful burgers without puncturing a hole in your wallet!

  • Location: General Echavez St., Cebu City, across Dole 7, inside Premiere Auto Salon Compound Carwash.

  • Operating hours: Open daily, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Menu:

  • Payr Ribs (Original, Spicy, Pesto) - P188

    • Burgers with homemade thin crisps:

    • 100% Pure Beef Payr Burger - P138

    • 100% Pure Beef Bacon Mushroom Payr Burger - P158

    • Grilled Chicken Burger - P138

    • Crunchy Chicken Burger - P138

    • Ultimate Burger (Double Decker with Bacon and Mushroom) - P198

    • Rib Burger - P198

    • Triple Decker Cheeseburger - P298

  • Social Media account and contact details: Facebook (@Letsgopayr), 09562203331.

  • BONUS ROUND: Get your vehicles cleaned while enjoying a sumptuous meal! Payr is located inside Premiere Auto Salon Compound Carwash owned and operated by one of the co-owners of Payr.

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