University professor accused of fondling breast of 2 V-hire passengers

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TWO female passengers of a van-for-hire have accused a fellow passenger of sexually molesting them during a trip.

According to initial investigation, the suspect, a former seaman, allegedly fondled the breast of a 30-year-old woman from Bogo City who recently passed the teacher’s board exam and the breast of a 26-year-old nurse who works in a private hospital in Cebu City.

One of the victims, Dianne (real name withheld), a resident of Barangay Sabang, Danao City, said the incident happened on Monday morning, August 15, 2022.

She said she and her live-in partner boarded the V-hire around 6 a.m.

She ended up sitting next to Neil Montillano Bulambao, a 52-year-old resident of Bogo City who teaches at a university in Cebu City. A few minutes later, she said Bulambao suddenly touched her arm. She thought it was an accident and moved to give him some room. But moments later, she felt his hand go into her sleeve and grab her breast, prompting her to sit next to Sandra (real name withheld).

When Dianne told Sandra about what happened, the latter told her Bulambao also did the same to her earlier.

The two women told the driver about the incident and asked him to go to the police.

When they arrived at the police station to lodge a complaint against the suspect, they learned that he had a pending arrest warrant for theft. (AYB)