Unleashing the fury: The Wolverine Kinect experience

These days, some movies are not just movies. They must also be games.

Accompanying the new X-Men spinoff film “The Wolverine" was the launch of a game that mimics the exhilaration of a key scene in the film.

Unleashing the fury of the feral mutant is the “Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience."

Powered by the same motion sensing input device technology used with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and Windows PC, the game allows users to “slice n’ dice” as The Wolverine, using the hero’s signature adamantium claws and tearing through various obstacles and enemies while on a moving bullet train. The Kinect Experience is inspired by the Japanese Train Scene in the movie, enabling players to show no restraint in slicing foes away.

Touring exclusively through Robinson’s Malls in Metro Manila, the “Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience” was showcased to the press and media last July 16 in Robinson’s Movieworld in Galleria in a special

“Preview Event” that featured the game, prizes for participants, and cosplayers dressed as Wolverine and Silver Samurai.

As the latest film in the X-Men Movie series and seeing Hugh Jackman reprising the role of Wolverine for the sixth time, “The Wolverine” takes place some time after the events of “X-Men: The Last Stand”, with the wild X-Man now alone and residing as a hermit in the mountains.

However, he soon travels to Japan, and is reunited with a man named Yashida, whom he saved during the Hiroshima bombing of World War II. Given the chance to be rid of his “curse”, Logan soon finds himself betrayed and stripped of his healing factor and, consequently, his immortality. Now on a mission to get revenge, he has to face down deadly assassins and samurai, and prove why he’s known as “The Wolverine”.
“Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience” runs through mid-July to August in participating Robinson’s Movieworld outlets in Metro Manila. — TJD/HS, GMA News