Unlock fingerprint sensor on your iPhone 5s with cat's paw

Unlocking the new iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor may sound sexy to many, but is it too sexy for your cat?

Well, not quite. A video by TechCrunch showed how a cat could unlock the iPhone 5S by placing its paw on the phone's fingerprint sensor.

"You can register your cat to be able to access your iPhone 5s with paw recognition, if you want to do that for some reason," TechCrunch said in a YouTube video.

However, TechCrunch said the paw did encounter more frequent failures than a regular human's fingerprint.

Still, the paw managed to unlock the phone "when positioned correctly on the sensor."

"Note that no other paw pads would unlock the device, and that cats essentially have unique 'fingerprints' just like people, so this doesn’t make the Touch ID sensor any less secure," it added.

"So if you think your pet needs access to your accounts, feel free to register them as one of your five stored Touch ID profiles," it said. – KDM, GMA News