Unmanifested chicken from China seized

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THE Bureau of Customs (BOC)-Port of Cebu seized a container of unmanifested goods from China found to contain uncooked mechanically separated chicken last Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

In a post in its official Facebook page on Tuesday, Aug. 31, the BOC said the shipment was flagged down after it was noticed to have not been included in the vessel’s Inward Foreign Manifest and Stowage Plan.

The BOC-Port of Cebu also said the vessel also failed to file a supplemental manifest within two days from the date of discharge of the last package pursuant to Customs Administrative Order (CAO) No. 15-2020.

The shipping line, in its reply to the show cause order, th BOC said, explained that the unmanifested container was intended to be loaded into a different vessel going to Cebu and that the system glitch in the operational activities of the vessel caused the container to be inadvertently loaded and discharged at the Port of Cebu.

"Unconvinced, Acting District Collector Charlito Martin Mendoza issued a Warrant of Seizure and Detention against the shipment after finding probable cause for violation of Section 5.2.8 of CAO No. 15-2020 and Section 1113 (g) of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act," the BOC in a statement said.

The container was immediately subjected to physical examination and it was then found to contain uncooked mechanically separated Chicken.

The seized goods will undergo seizure and forfeiture proceedings and will be disposed of in accordance with prevailing customs laws and regulations. (WBS)

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