Upset woman threw objects from 12th floor, jailed 6 weeks

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A woman in handcuffs. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
PHOTO: Getty Images

SINGAPORE — Frustrated that her husband and son were in jail, leaving her alone at home, a 45-year-old woman threw multiple items such as metal pots, a central processing unit (CPU) chassis and a hi-fi set out of her 12th floor window.

The items that Maslina Ramlee threw from her flat window landed on the ground floor along a grass patch and a concrete walkway used by residents in the area.

Maslina was jailed six weeks on Wednesday (25 August). She had earlier pleaded guilty to one count of rash act, endangering human life and safety.

On 9 March last year, Maslina felt frustrated and upset that she spent her days alone at home. At about 9.20am, she threw at least 10 items out her window, including metal pots, a computer monitor, a Hi-Fi set, a sound bar, a CPU chassis and a speaker.

The items landed on a walkway used by residents to travel to a nearby exercise corner and other blocks. No one was injured.  

A 28-year-old woman working as a social worker at a senior activity centre on the ground floor heard a loud sound and went out of the branch to take a look. She saw a computer monitor on the ground. Shortly after, other items were thrown down. 

The social worker then saw Maslina throwing the items from her kitchen window on the 12th floor. She called the police at around 9.23am and officers were dispatched to the location.

For committing a rash act to endanger human life or safety, Maslina could have been jailed up to six months, and/or fined up to $2.500. 

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