US DJ remixes old Jollibee jingle, amuses netizens

People have been going crazy for Jollibee’s sweet Filipino-style spaghetti for a long time now but this DJ took his love for the bee to a whole new level when he created a remix to the fast-food’s old jingle.

Los Angeles-based DJ Valentino Khan shared a video of his mix yesterday, which also features clips of him hanging out with a Jollibee mascot.

The Deep Down Low DJ said in the caption, “Jollibee goes hard AF.” He even included the Philippine flag in the tweet.


In a follow-up tweet, he shared that he did the video while he was in the country. Khan had a show on Friday in Cove Manila. “I made this beat in the Philippines. We got stuck at a Jollibee because of a storm & I was inspired by the spaghetti,” he said.

The video is very psychedelic but also somehow looks like old family videos.

In it, Khan can be seen edited into the original Jollibee music video, as well as bits of his trip to Jollibee. In a frame, he poses with crew members of the fast-food joint, while in another, he tries to feed the iconic bee statue some chicken.

The song eventually escalates into a trap remix accompanied by clips from his previous performances. There’s even an explosion at the end of the video.

The video had over 145,000 views, 6,400 likes, and 2,400 retweets as of this article’s posting. Netizens were of course amused by the whole thing:

Twitter user @shadowhoekagey wrote: “You’re Tito (uncle) Val now.”

@shmiegs said that he thought it was a real advertisement.

“What an amazing time to be alive,” wrote @shndomusic.

@instantv1ntage said that he needed this.

“I hope he plays this on this ship and throws chicken at the crowd,” said @Sir_joely. Great thought there, sir.

One even went as far as to say that this was his best work.

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