Have your say: Will the US election leave America more divided?

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Have your say: Will the US election leave America more divided?

The US continues its wait to find out if Joe Biden will take up residence at the White House or whether Donald Trump will get four more years.

However, there’s no guarantee – as things stand – that the election fallout will end when either man gets the required 270 electoral college votes.

Biden looks to be closing in on the presidency but the vote is close in the remaining key states.

His team and supporters have demanded all votes are counted and sought to resist Trump campaign attempts to get the vote counting to stop.

A win for the Democrat could see Trump take the result to the courts.

The president has, without evidence, claimed he won and that a “fraud” had taken place, with postal votes seemingly overturning his early leads in key states and making Biden the favourite to win.

His team has concentrated on making the mail-in ballots controversial. It is still possible for Trump to win, which would let him start his second and final term as president.

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