USPF ready for new normal in S.Y. 2020-2021

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THIS 2020, the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) marks 93 years as an academic institution.

That is why even amid challenging times, the university perseveres in its commitment to provide affordable, quality formal education to the average person in the community.

While it understands the hesitation of many parents to have their children enrolled for the new school year, along with the other higher educational institutions, the USPF remains true to its responsibility to continue providing quality education for sustainable development.

Traditional, face-to-face learning is among the options for delivering instructions, but the USPF is not limited to this. In fact, it abides by the Department of Education’s decision to postpone face-to-face classes until a vaccine against Covid-19 becomes available. However, this does not mean that formal education stops.

There are a number of distance learning approaches that schools can implement to continue providing Filipino students formal education. For USPF, it has adopted online learning and blended learning for the Basic Education departments, and online, blended and flexible learning options for college and graduate schools.

These alternative modes of instructional delivery take into consideration the "no children left behind" mandate of the Philippine government, as students with or without Internet capabilities can continue to earn their degrees in the safety of their homes. Indeed, why choose between education and safety, when you can have both?

Many parents have also expressed doubt on the efficacy of online or blended instruction. Yes, the challenges are unprecedented and there may be hiccups along the way, but the same is true with traditional teaching methods.

Moving forward, one will see that changes and improvements are ever constant in this journey. Also, contrary to common belief, face-to-face instruction is not always superior to online or blended learning. Research shows that physical proximity isn't a precondition for good education. Among the factors that have to be considered are teacher competencies, which the USPF is proud of.

This is the future. Some may not like it, others may not be comfortable with it. However, everyone has to accept these changes and adapt. As an institution for children, the USPF understands the fears of parents and respects the choices they make for their children. In the same capacity, it will always have the children and their future as its prime motivation for continuing what it does.

The USPF is ready for the new normal. If you are too, call the university at (032) 414-8773. #USPFBorderlessEducation