Utzurrum: Ah! World Chocolate (mmm!) Day

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As you swish a chocolate ball in your mouth or sniff a chocolate bar or roll, the whiff is absolute heaven; the taste, out of this planet!

“Chocolate is unique to any food in the world. Beneficial as it is indulgent, it is said to possess mood-enhancing qualities that reduce stress and trigger feelings of comfort, happiness and pleasure,” shared Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s executive chef Juanito Abangan.

Whether in a chocolatey mood or not, “Tout Chocolat,” the hotel’s celebration of World Chocolate Day, should be on your agenda! This mouthwatering day was launched together with the unveiling of the Chocolate Queen’s crest, hosted by the Chocolate Chamber (TCC).

We have all met or read about the undisputed Chocolate Queen, Raquel Toquero-Choa, who continues her vision of sharing her love for cacao with the world.

The unveiling of the Chocolate Queen’s crest is a symbol of her inspiring chocolate journey through the years. Her goal of solidifying the vigor and values of TCC and bringing the Philippines’ brand of chocolate-making worldwide, has already been partially achieved.

“Tout Chocolat” (meaning all chocolate) has utilized some cacao pieces in its newest gourmet culinary offer at the Lobby Lounge for July.

Aside from the TCC event at Marco Polo, there was also a simultaneous unveiling of the Chocolate Queen’s Crest in all TCC’s locations: Nustar Resort and Casino; Robinsons Galleria Cebu; Moadto Strip Mall in Panglao, Bohol; Casa de Cacao and all local hotel and resort partners.

We doff our hats to Raquel Choa, and join her in this historic breakthrough for TCC in elevating the chocolate-making tradition in this country.

Where next? The world no less!