Utzurrum: Celebrating life and love

Chinggay V. Utzurrum
·1 min read

THE undisputed Chocolate Queen, Raquel Toquero Choa, has much to thank for her chocolate business and her life’s journey. “So inseparable,” she gushed.

She celebrated her mid-40s, red-letter day at her cozy kingdom, Casa de Cacao, at Casals Village recently.

Her legion of guests, friends and clientele were intimately entertained at different ”function rooms” of the Casa, namely: The Chocolatada, 1521 Salita Room, The Tsokolate Room and Sala 1565.

To properly observe social distancing and health protocols, the lunches and dinners took place all within a week of feasting!

We attended the dinner which had the Holy Mass as the welcoming highlight. As Raquel expressed her thanksgiving message, we too, appreciated the face-to-face mass we had missed for many months!

Her wholesome and lively family, eight children, were everywhere attending to guests as well as introducing the Chocolate Chamber’s latest offerings—all so luxuriously decadent!

Curiously, the Chocolate Queen is not only a cacao fan, for her Casa also houses an enviable collection of precious artwork and religious icons. Each “sala” has a story to tell!

The “fiesta” continued at the Seda Ayala Center Cebu where her “Mornings and Afternoons with Cacao” gathered more friends for Choco tastings.

Best wishes for forever success, Raquel! In spite of your sterling accomplishments, you have maintained your humility, thus gaining additional blessings!

Will someone please pass the sikwate?