Utzurrum: ‘A Christmas Tail’ at SM Seaside City Cebu

Chinggay V. Utzurrum

HERE’S a gentle reminder for Bachelor-Femina (BF) members, young at heart, that we’re marking BF’s 100th birthday, being born in 1919. A simple dinner will be held on Saturday, Dec. 28, 7 p.m. at Casino Español de Cebu, where most BF events were held, including the traditional Dec. 28 Ball.

Remember? We’re mentioning some familiar stalwarts: Benjamin Alvarez, Joaquin Borromeo, Luis Moro Jr. (Kiting), Ferdie Jakosalem, Ed Rosello, Jose Suaco, Manny Faelnar; and Feminas: Vivien Alix-Seno, Lucy Franco-Garcia, Ana Barba-Juan, Tina Escaño-Unchuan, Julie Escaño-Dayrit, Baby Deen-Sison, Mina Estalilla-Go, Jane Young-Llaban, Elena Chiongbian-Young etc.

See you there!


“A Christmas Tail” was the super-entertaining and moving holiday play presented by SM Seaside City Cebu during its tree lighting event.

The story: A little prince wanted to redeem the light of Christmas by looking for a blue tail-feather which symbolizes light. Once he gets the feather, Christmas will be saved. The journey was quite successful with the prince getting help from his mystical friends, who gave him different colored feathers until he finally found the blue one that lights up Christmas in their kingdom.

The amazing tree is designed in hues of blue, embellished with peacock feathers at the base. Truly a sight to see!

This fantasy theme was enjoyed by all, me included! SM really brought the spirit of love happiness, peace and light to all!

Enjoy the “Sparkling SM Mallidays!”


Here’s a special Christmas message from your favorite and mine—top Filipino composer and singer, Jose Mari Chan, who just arrived from a mystical trip to the Holy Land.

“May the Star of Bethlehem shine on your hearts and homes! Blessed Christmas, everyone!