Utzurrum: Diamonds for a day

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We all know the beauty, brilliance and value of a diamond. And we also know that celebrating a Diamond Jubilee is just as beautiful and valuable a memory!

This is the story of a high school class that marked its 60th anniversary (since graduation in Manila) with stark simplicity but brimming with unforgettable memories!

The year was pre-pandemic, and started with eight members of the class visiting their Cebuana classmates in March. The South Cebu tour included stopovers at two shrines: Sibonga, to pay homage to Mama Mary; and onward to Carcar, to drop by Venerable Bishop Teofilo Camomot’s Center.

Then we veered north for lunch at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort, followed by a peek at the fabulous textile bargains at Cordova!

Another two lunches were hosted by Marilu Chiongbian and Casino Español de Cebu was the venue for Corie Jakosalem’s.

Same year, October, and it was Old Girls Day at Assumption Convent, Manila where the homecoming theme was “Heart of Plaid.”

The three-day celebration featured high school graduates from 1946 to 2018, so a collection of precious stones—Pearls, Rubies, Corals, Sapphires etc.—and the brilliant Diamonds were hands-on with their glittering dance numbers!

Of course, Class 1959 (60 years since graduation) were glamorous as they swirled to to the tune of ”Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Garbed in pearl-white beaded, fringed gowns, they were indeed a sight to behold! Other classmates were dressed just as lavishly in fringed black lace!

Venue for the events was the Mother Rose Auditorium, which became a beehive of warm hellos, how-are-yous and farewells, as the ladies greeted one another some after an absence of a quarter of a century!

Of interest to Class 1959, from an original of 97 graduates, more or less 25 have gone back to their Creator, the others live abroad, and others can’t be located.

Sadly, of the group of eight who visited Cebu last March 2019, two have passed on to Eternal Life—Estela Justiniani-Lopez, and just last month, Marivi Eusebio-Alejandrino.

May God be with you, dear classmates. Memories are made of these!

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