Utzurrum: Providore’s main ingredient: Tony Mingo

Chinggay V. Utzurrum
·1 min read

STILL another place to try is Providore at the Summit Galleria Cebu. The restaurant is the hotel’s main dining outlet. Providore is run by Raintree Restaurants, a management group that redefines upscale dining In the country.

Savor its varied array of delectable gastronomic choices perfect for after office gatherings or treats with family and friends. Allow the outlet’s food and beverage manager, Tony Mingo, to guide you to the buffet area, or the bar and bistro sections.

The place also has a retail area where local artisanal items are on display. Here are more interesting facts about Tony.

Being a veteran food and beverage authority for over three decades, he rose from the ranks: waiter to manager, armed with sterling assets like honesty and integrity. Stints abroad included food and beverage positions in London, Hong Kong, Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

Featured today are three of the restaurant’s top favorites: Four Cheese Pizza, with its soft dough crust and melt-in-the-mouth cheeses; Ube Champorado, served with white chocolate tres leches sauce; and the top seller, Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, mixed with mashed potato, buttered French beans and corn and smoked bacon cheddar biscuit.

And not to forget, this is also on the menu: Sumptuous all-American tummy fillers, and Pinoy home-style cuisine!

Manager Tony also added: “Providore is an all-day dining outlet!”

This evening we celebrate the Birthday of Christ Jesus. Let us pray and implore Him to give the world peace, joy and love in this depressing time of Covid-19. May we have a healthier world. Amen. Merry Christmas, all!