Utzurrum: Seda Hotels brings Christmas to the table

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Have you ever sunk your teeth into honey-glazed ham ala Seda?

Your Yuletide holiday menu will never be complete without Seda Hotel’s incomparable, honey-glazed ham at its centerpiece! The host offers a no-sweat celebration whether carved at table or wrapped and gifted to loved ones!

What spells the difference with other hams? The Seda variety is generously glazed with pure Palawan honey and offers a crunchy sweet crust and juicy, simply palatable interior.

If this is paired with creamy pasta or spinach, mashed potato or even roasted vegetables, it transforms into a delectable Christmas meal!

From executive chef Romualdo Castillo: “From the start, the organic pigs, seven-months-old or younger, are bred well, to ensure an optimum fat-and-lean-meat ratio for tender, juicy hams.”

As early as the first quarter of the year, the chef has suppliers primed for delivery by October this year. Since Christmas 2014, when it was first served at Seda-BGC, the ham has cultivated a loyal following. However, to ensure optimum quality, stocks are available only in the last quarter of the year.

According to Seda Hotels senior group general manager Andrea Mastellone, even the ham’s curing process is refined. After the pork is brined for a week in a special mixture, it is carefully massaged periodically to ensure even absorption of flavors. Before it is molded, it is steamed and boiled with more secret ingredients. The final touch: glazing with subtle flavors of freshly squeezed oranges, pure Palawan honey, and a sprinkling of sugar before being blow-torched to seal in all that heavenly goodness!

In addition, the chefs and general managers of the various Seda Hotels have put their Think Tanks to work, by finding ways to enhance the flavors of your Seda hams.

Seda Vertis North executive chef Kerpatrick Boiser recommends mixing slices of the ham with a rich array of elite cheeses, crackers, nuts and dried fruits. Other cheese choices: Creamy Brie or intense Edam! Yey!

Still another tip from Marc Cerqueda of Seda Residence-Makati: Do try ham slices with fine wines such as dry Pinot Grigio or a rosé. Consumed without its sauce, it is perfect with pale Pilsen beer.

Two more hoteliers have their own tastes: Seda Nuvali manager Armand Angeles suggests Japanese croquettes, no-bake Frittata and Seda ham humba, while Seda Central Bloc-Cebu’s Ron Manalang says nothing can beat deep-fried Cuapao matched with Seda ham.

And last, but certainly not the least: On the subject of health and safety precautions. During the entire curing and cooking period, Seda Hotel safety standards dictate processes that follow the highest global industry protocols. People are willing to pay a premium, not just for the flavor but also for the assurance of safety and consistency.

So enjoy your delicious Seda hams without fear!

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