Utzurrum: Theresians come home 2019 (Conclusion)

Chinggay V. Utzurrum

WELL, here are some more precious stones to amaze and stun you. Featured today are two Ruby (40 years) classes: St. Theresa’s College (STC) Class 1979, who chose red tops with smart black pants. The younger set, STC High School (HS) Class 1979, likewise wore ruby-red pants paired with white bottoms and identical black bags. Truly stylish!

It had been 45 years since HS graduation, but these ageless ladies clad in printed blue tunics and white, strutted ever so confidently. Are these the Sapphires?

Extra poised and picture-perfect were the HS Class of 1999, who were most casual and comfortable in blue jeans and black shirts! Oh, to be young again!


Enter the “Competent Ladies of STC College Class 1969” Meet them: Grace Aberico, Aida Hortillo, Zenaida Aton, Nerissa Gador, Margarita Sy, Juliet Wilson, Erlinda Verendia, Margaret Aronson Gomez, Imelda Castillon, Alice Bongcac, Binggay de Veyra Montilla, Wynell Antique, Norita Leyson Quiaoit, Munec Teves Zulueta, Sofia Aliño Logarta, Evelyn Coronel, Eva Alonso and Filomena Sy.

One of the outstanding coordinators of this group was New York-based Margaret Gomez, who provided the perks and props of their dance numbers “This Magic Moment” and “Oh, Pretty Woman.” She also wrote a touching Homecoming piece, which I quote in part: “...they did come home for their STC 24-karat gold Jubilee for College Class 1969, the days leading to this event were electric with anticipation. Getting together on campus was a warm embrace of fond memories, where time stood still and sizzled with magic. Fittingly, this Class of Competent Women, College 1969, danced to celebrate the global Women of the World—the WOW Festival. In essence, to celebrate the larger contribution women make every day and the amazing world available to all when gender equality is a reality...”

Thank you, Margaret. I think you said this for all Theresians!