Utzurrum: Trio celebrants at the beach

Chinggay V. Utzurrum
·2 min read

GUESS where the RMA Public Relations and Marketing Services team spent a wet holiday?

They didn’t waste time with one, but two resorts on different dates, with March-born celebrants: Robby Alugar and Jose Santino Bunachita share the 23rd, and Abigail Caruana on the 27th.

First stop was JPark Island Resort and Spa, where the team explored the newly developed beachfront, another vast expanse of fine, white sand, where they frolicked. They then proceeded to Havana by the Sea, a gazebo located a mere hop into the clear waters!

As if that wasn’t enough, the gleaming, yellow water bikes were too tempting to resist—a great water adventure!

Resort number two was the unique Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, where the group had a saltwater feel at the one-and-only salt water lagoon we know of! This is aside from the inviting beach area.

It was massage time by now, and charming Colleen Barcelona, human resource gal of the resort, escorted them to Mogambo Springs, where upon entering the spa, reminded them of an 18th century Japanese Village.

Incidentally, we have been to Mogambo, and the adept fingers and hands of the therapists are amazingly soothing, transporting you to another realm!

We almost forgot: Celebration number four! RMA Public Relations and Marketing Services also marked its second year. The firm, owned and operated by Robby Mongaya Alugar, born with a sharp business sense, has successfully cultivated relationships with top media groups and relevant business establishments through the years.

This has made Robby a truly deserving recipient of the Talento Cebuano Awards in 2019 for his success story in creative PR and marketing initiatives.

This is a special tribute given to a Cebuano or adopted Cebuano, for his or her special skills and contribution to the community.

RMA PR Services handles Media Relations projects and is top in organizing press conferences, media launches, and PR-related events in the circles of hotels, resorts, real estate, shopping malls, civic clubs, the academe, various lifestyle happenings etc.

Simultaneously, Robby formed RMA News, an online platform where he showcases more news events and relevant information in the digital media. Robby, at this point in your career, all I can say is: Sky’s the limit!