Utzurrum: Zonta Club of Cebu 2, Childlink’s webinar on ‘well-being’

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How can we effectively control anxiety and stress during this pandemic?

New York-based Cebuano life coach and training facilitator Karen Espiritu said: ”Well-being refers to one’s state of being comfortable, healthy and being happy at all times. But during the pandemic, this has been compromised in so many ways.”

These were Espiritu’s opening lines at the virtual meeting organized by the Zonta Club of Cebu 2 and the Z Club of Childlink High School-Cebu entitled “Caring for your Well-Being.”

Dr. Martin Selgiman, president of American Psychological Association, coined “Perma” as the five different factors that characterize a flourishing person. These mean Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. He added V for Vitality during the pandemic, thus PERMA-V. However, the pandemic has instilled the opposite: an increased level of stress, less joy, physical interaction, purpose, motivation and energy.

According to survey results, prolonged home-stay, poor health status, concern for family members etc. were among the causes for higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Espiritu introduced five ways to well-being which can be controlled, contrasting to circumstances outside one’s life, which cannot be controlled.

First: Being mindful. Centering oneself, even for a while, to unplug or detox away from electronic gadgets and focus on yourself. Second: Being active refers to moving one’s body and lessening idle time sitting down. Increase activity by walking! Third: Learning a new skill. Having tools within reach, meaning not to wait for an older age, to commit to do so. Fourth: Building positive relationships. To ensure one’s well-being, it is important to connect with others to create a positive and meaningful relationship. Fifth: Caring for one’s well-being opens up the last part, which enables giving. “Be a good steward of the blessings God has given you.”

Espiritu encourages all to give once they are ready to do so. Quite relevant to the current issue was the introduction of 18-year-old Sachi Carlyn Lozano, founder and editor-in-chief of The Adversity Advocate who commented on the constant news about hardships people face due to the pandemic.

Being a good steward, she decided to bring to life the online publication and youth organization, saying, “I wanna bring these stories to family and friends, and inspire them the way I’ve been inspired.”

She and her team then launched a subscription platform inviting and enabling readers to donate to their partnered marginalized communities and receive the funds they have collected.

Espiritu closes the webinar with this statement: “All of us here, whatever age you’re at, have the ability to inspire. And at the end of the day, we want to not just languish, but continue to flourish.”

Among the attendees were District 17 chairperson of Z and Golden Z Clubs Winnie Wong, Zonta Club of Bacolod; Z Club of Domingo Lacson High School; Zonta Club of CDO 1; Z Club of PROIS International Christian School; Zonta Club of Iloilo 1.; Z Cub of Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus; Zonta Club of Iloilo 2; Golden Z Club of St. Therese - MTC College; Zonta Club of Tacloban; Z Club of Je Mondejar Computer Science; Zonta Club of Cebu 1; Z Club of Benedicto College, Z Club of San Jose-Recoletos, Golden Z Club of the University of the Visayas; Zonta Club of Cebu 2; Z Club of Childlink High School, Golden Z Club of University of Southern Phils Foundation. Also visible were university deans and high school students.

This corner would want to express their appreciation for the full support of Merry Melle Aguilar and Nicole Ashlyn Torrepalma, Media Communication students of St. Theresa’s College-Cebu. May your tribe increase, ladies!

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