Valenzuela City’s Fatima Avenue now offers an outdoor food market

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Valenzuela City is seemingly making good on its promise to make its side of the metro more pedestrian-friendly. After releasing a sneak peek on the now-pedestrianized Fatima Avenue, previously a busy stretch of traffic, the local government has turned its new bike- and foot-friendly area into an open market where the public can enjoy treats from homegrown stalls.

“Tara na at mag-food trip sa bagong open space sa Valenzuela City – ang #FatimaAvenue! (Come on, let’s go on a food trip at Valenzuela City’s newest open space — #FatimaAvenue!),” the local government’s official Facebook page posted.

With string lights hanging in mid-air, rows of tents occupied by local businesses peddle a variety of street food — ranging from skewered meats such as barbecue and isaw to cheese sticks and siomai to Japanese takoyaki and pizza.

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian announced the conversion project late last year, with its pedestrianization headed by the office of Gerard Lico, an architect best known for his heritage conservation projects.

“We have always believed that a family should not always be in malls. A family’s quality time should be spent in public open-air spaces where they can bond together,” the mayor said in Filipino in a video released last year.

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