Valenzuela City provides sneak peek of pedestrianized Fatima Avenue

·1 min read

After unveiling a 6.7-kilometer bicycle lane along MacArthur Highway last year, Valenzuela City is upping the ante on making its corner of the metro more pedestrian-friendly as the city released photos of the newly rehabilitated Fatima Avenue, once a busy stretch of road that has now been closed to traffic and turned into a foot- and bike-friendly open space.

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian announced the conversion project late last year, with its pedestrianization headed by the office of Gerard Lico, an architect best known for his heritage conservation projects.

Featuring lampposts and benches amid trees, restaurants will also offer alfresco dining while groups may hang out at its picnic tables.

“We have always believed that a family should not always be in malls. A family’s quality time should be spent in public open-air spaces where they can bond together,” the mayor said in Filipino in a video released last year.

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