2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin: What to know

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VCT Masters Berlin Key Art (Image: Riot Games)
VCT Masters Berlin Key Art (Image: Riot Games)

The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters: Berlin is the second international LAN event featuring top teams from around the world, following the regional Stage 1 and then the Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík earlier in the year.  

The VCT Masters Stage 3 will take place from 10 - 19 September at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany, and was originally supposed to feature 16 of the best VALORANT teams from across the globe. However, the former Bren Esports roster was unable to travel due to visa issues. The winners of the VCT Masters Stage 2, North America’s Sentinels, will also see action in Berlin.

Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect over the next few days.


VCT Masters Berlin will start with GSL-style group play. 

Two teams from each group will advance to the next stage, playing in a single-elimination style bracket, with the winner of the entire event qualifying for the VALORANT Champions 2021 event at the end of the year. 

Circuit points are also awarded to the other teams participating in the VCT Masters Berlin to further their chances in qualifying for the end of the year world championship.

GSL-style stands for a tournament format that the Global Starcraft 2 League (hence the name) used to use for their tournaments. Four teams in a group will be placed in two matches, match A and match B. The winners of those matches will go on to face each other in match C, with the winner of match C being the top qualifier of the group.

The losers of match A and match B will then face each other, with the winner advancing to match D. The loser of match C will face that team in match D, with match D’s winner advancing as the second qualifier of the group.

The four teams from each group which advanced out of their group in first place will be randomly assigned a second place team from a different group. The teams then will play through an eight-team elimination bracket.

The only exception for this format will be Group D, which will be played in a double round robin, due to Filipino squad Bren Esports not being able to participate in the tournament due to visa issues.

All matches will be contested as a best of 3 games, while the finals will be a best of 5 games.

What is at stake:

The winner will be awarded an automatic qualification for VALORANT Champions 2021, while the other teams will go home with Circuit points.

2nd: 375 Circuit points

3 - 4th: 325 Circuit points

5 - 8th: 275 Circuit points

9 - 12th: 225 Circuit points

13 - 16th: 175 Circuit points

The top 11 teams with the most Circuit points at the end of the season will qualify for VALORANT Champions 2021 to join the winners of VCT Masters Berlin. The only team that have already qualified are North America's Sentinels, who have 675 points going into this tournament, an amount which guarantees them automatic qualification regardless of the results of VCT Masters Berlin. 

Participating Teams:

Group A

  • Vision Strikers (Korea)

  • Paper Rex (SEA)

  • Supermassive Blaze (EMEA)

  • Acend (EMEA)

Group B

  • Vivo Keyd (Brazil)

  • Team Envy (North America)

  • KRÜ Esports (LATAM)

  • Zeta Division (Japan)

Group C

  • Gambit Esports (EMEA)

  • Crazy Raccoon (Japan)

  • 100 Thieves (North America)

  • Havan Liberty (Brazil)

Group D

  • Sentinels (North America)

  • G2 Esports (EMEA)

  • Bren Esports (SEA)

  • F4Q (Korea)

Health and safety protocols at the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin

There will not be any live audience for VCT Masters Berlin due to the ongoing pandemic. The event will be broadcast live on Twitch for the entirety of the event.

Tournament Schedule:

Friday, Sep 10: 9PM (GMT+8) - Group Play

  • Match A2: SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend

  • Match D1: G2 Esports vs F4Q

  • Match C2: 100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

Saturday, Sep 11: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match A1: Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex

  • Match C1: Gambit Esports vs Crazzy Raccon

  • Match B1: Keyd Stars vs Team Envy

Sunday, Sep 12: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match B2: KRÜ Esports vs ZETA DIVISION

  • Match D2 - Sentinels vs G2 Esports

  • Match C3 - Winners of C1 vs C2

Monday, Sep 13: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match B3: Winners of B1 vs B2

  • Match A3: Winners of A1 vs A2

  • Match D3: F4Q vs Sentinels

Tuesday, Sep 14: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match D4: F4Q vs G2 Esports

  • Match B4: Losers of B1 vs B2

  • Match C4: Losers of C1 vs C2

Wednesday, Sep 15: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match A4: Losers of A1 vs A2

  • Match D5: G2 Esports vs Sentinels

  • Match B5: Loser of B3 vs Winner of B4

Thursday, Sep 16: 9PM (GMT+8)

  • Match A5: Loser of A3 vs Winner A4

  • Match C5 - Loser of C3 vs Winner of C4

  • Match D6 - Sentinels vs F4Q

Friday, Sep 17: 9PM (GMT+8) – Quarterfinals

Saturday, Sep 18: 11PM (GMT+8) – Semifinals

Sunday, Sep 19: 11PM (GMT+8) – Finals

Where to watch:

As matches will be played one after another, there is no need to tune in to multiple streams at the same time to watch multiple ongoing games. For the main English live stream, you can tune in to their Valorant’s main Twitch channel.

There will also be multiple secondary streams in other languages, like Korean, German, Arabic and Polish.

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