VALORANT's newest agent is a dapper French Sentinel named Chamber

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VALORANT's new Sentinel, Chamber. (Image: Riot Games)
VALORANT's new Sentinel, Chamber. (Image: Riot Games)

Riots Games has confirmed the release of Chamber, the 18th agent, for VALORANT Act 3 of Episode 3.  

Unsurprisingly, he belongs to the Sentinel class, joining Sage, Killjoy and Cypher.

According to the character producer, John Goscicki, Chamber is a French weapons designer that was inspired by the archetype of “the gentleman assassin".

His skills and abilities, according to Riot, are as follows:

Signature: Rendezvous

PLACE two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be REDEPLOYED.

Ability 1: Trademark

PLACE a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes in range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Ability 2: Headhunter

ACTIVATE to equip a heavy pistol. ALT FIRE with the pistol equipped to aim down sights.

Ultimate: Tour de Force

ACTIVATE to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Chamber looks like someone who can hold down a site with multiple different weapons in his arsenal. He is able to swap to an Operator-like weapon with his ultimate, and can pull out a Sheriff-like gun with an ADS at any point. 

This is good for weapon variety to keep your opponents guessing. Coupled with his traps and ability to teleport, he looks like he is able to outplay the enemy team when he's defending a point or site.

Yahoo Gaming SEA will bring you more news regarding Chamber, including gameplay, as we receive more information from Riot.

New battlepass

Riot also confirmed a new for battlepass for Act 3 with new skins and various different gun buddies and sprays, arriving when the new season starts on 2 November 2021.

However, unlike previous seasons of VALORANT, Riot Games WILL NOT be releasing Chamber at the start of Episode 3 Act 3. Instead, the dapper French Sentinel is slated to be released on 16 November instead, 14 days into the act.

If you are itching to prepare yourself for Chamber's arrival, you can refer to our Sentinels guide here to understand the role of that class in team composition.

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