Valvoline constantly innovates, stays ahead of the game

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The brand that has been powering the American roads found its way to F&E Group, a trusted automotive brand that paved the way for Valvoline to be accessible to Visayas and Palawan motorists. As an authorized distributor and importer, F&E Group has made a strong family of dealers, workshop partners and heavy-duty end-users who use Valvoline oils and chemicals.

Original through and through. Valvoline became the first trademarked motor oil brand in 1866. Not only has Valvoline been making motor oil longer than anyone else, but it has also been improving longer than anyone else.

Legacy of innovation that stands the test of time. Valvoline’s first breakthrough in motor oil was inventing it. And it has been reinventing it ever since, from the world's first high-mileage oil to the world's first synthetic blend.

Valvoline Motor Oil. A product that started the brand has been reinvented ever since. It boasts unrivaled performance across vehicle brands and models and meets the advanced standards of modern engines. The Valvoline family of motor oils has a formula perfect for every vehicle's needs.

Valvoline Motorcycle and Scooter Oil. This is the perfect blend of premium base oils and advanced additive technology that aids two wheelers to achieve their peak performance. The thermally stable formula helps maintain proper lubrication and protects the engine under high-temperature conditions.

Valvoline Heavy Duty Engine Oils. These are specifically designed for the latest advanced diesel engines and are ready to take on the challenging demands of commercial fleets, mining, construction, agricultural, marine, industrial and other heavy-duty applications.

Valvoline, the world’s first and the original, never stops improving. There are those who change with the times, and those who drive them.

One should always ask for the Original Motor Oil at the nearest F&E Family of Stores, Valvoline Dealers and Valvoline Workshops in Visayas and Palawan. To join its community, one can like @valvolinevisayas on Facebook. SPONSORED CONTENT

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