Valvoline coolant provides up to 5 years of efficient cooling

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IF ONE chooses the right coolant, his car will continue to operate at peak efficiency.

A car's cooling system is an essential part of the vehicle. Much like Valvoline lubricants, a coolant serves the basic function of adding antifreeze protection to the vehicle. As the wet season is approaching, fluctuating temperatures can cause coolant evaporation.

Without the right coolant in a vehicle’s system, corrosion and component damage can cause long-term and costly effects. They’re even sometimes concealed; it takes up to a year to cause an evident problem in the radiator. If a radiator ends up badly, it can cause the owner a lot of money and downtime.

The Valvoline Long Life RTU (ready-to-use) Coolant is a ready-to-use automotive radiator coolant. The carboxylate formulation has a service life of up to five years or 250,000 kilometers. The Valvoline Long Life RTU Coolant protects modern engine components from winter freezing and summer boiling.

When one needs to change his coolant, he should always consult his vehicle’s owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty information. All too often, coolant choices are based on price rather than performance. There are cheaper “universal” coolants, bu specific vehicles from specific manufacturers require a specific coolant formula. It pays to check the vehicle’s owner’s manual because trying to save a little cash in the short run could lead to expensive fixes in the future.

One should always look for key ingredients in his coolant like ethylene glycol. It has been the industry’s standard for many years. Valvoline Long Life RTU Coolant has an ethylene glycol base and incorporates state-of-the-art Organic Acid Technology for the protection of all cooling system metals including aluminum. It contains no phosphates, silicates, borates, nitrates, amines and nitrites to suit Asian engines.

The coolant comes in a variety of colors, often based on the level and type of protection offered. Each color is designed to keep specific types of vehicles operating optimally by preventing overheating. It includes hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple—the whole rainbow, essentially. One should keep in mind that if his car is still under warranty, he should stick to the same color. The Valvoline Long Life RTU Coolant is dyed pink to distinguish its unique chemistry. Furthermore, it is a fully formulated product that doesn’t need further dilution with water.

The majority of coolants will protect one’s radiator and coolant system all the way, but the Valvoline Long Life RTU Coolant, on top of that, is easy to use and is sold at a reasonable price. One can get it at the nearest F&E Family of Stores or its family of partners with a Valvoline sign.

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