Vaxxed young adults have highest breakthrough infections in Central Visayas

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VACCINATED young adults in Central Visayas topped the figures for breakthrough infections for Covid-19, the Visayas Vaccination Operations Center (VVOC) said.

Of the 13,596 total breakthrough infections in the region, 8,209 or 60 percent belonged to the young adults (21 to 30 years old).

VVOC spokesperson Dr. Mary Jean Loreche on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, did not give specific reasons why there were breakthrough infections. She resorted to conjecture, saying: “Siguro, dahil nga yung feeling nila na dahil bakunado na sila (Perhaps, they feel that because they are already vaccinated), they can do as they want as if feeling immortal na tayo.”

Breakthrough infections are vaccinated persons who still got infected with Covid-19. The figures presented by the VVOC were gathered by the Department of Health Central Visayas-Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit under Dr. Eugenia Cañal from March 30, 2021 which is the start of vaccination in the region until Oct. 15.

The next age groups with the most breakthrough infections are the middle age group (36 to 59 years old) at 4,129 or 30 percent, and the senior citizens (60 and above) at 1,258 or 10 percent.

Of the 8,209 young adults, 6,463 were asymptomatic cases; 1,595, mild; 58, moderate; 19, severe; eight, critical; and 66, deaths.

As to breakthrough infections among the senior citizens, 801 were asymptomatic; 207, mild; 54, moderate; 22, severe; 10, critical; and 164, deaths.

Loreche reiterated her call for senior citizens, whose vaccination figures lagged in the past days, to get jabbed.

Among the middle age group, 3,029 were asymptomatic cases; 768, mild; 100, moderate; 28, severe; 26, critical; and 178, deaths.

Loreche said there were 478 vaccinated healthcare workers who still got infected—171 were asymptomatic cases; 281, mild; 16, moderate; three, severe; and one critical case.

Of the infected healthcare workers, there were seven who tested positive for the Delta variant. Most of them were mildly symptomatic, and there was no death among them. / (JOB)

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