Veteran politician files certificate of candidacy with ‘businesswoman’ as occupation

People are consumed with all things politics whenever it is election season in the Philippines. Everyone’s watching what candidates will do next, which is why this little blunder by a veteran politician instantly went viral.

Yesterday, Juan Ponce Enrile filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) through his lawyer Joseph Sagandoy. While this was mostly uneventful, eagle-eyed observers spotted how “business woman” was written under “profession or occupation,” ABS-CBN News reported.

Enrile, 94 years old, is a lawyer, long-time senator, and was the defense minister during Ferdinand Marcos’ administration.

However, he is not very popular right now after appearing in an interview with Marcos’ son Bongbong and falsely claimed that no one was arrested for criticizing Marcos during his martial law regime. The backlash against him got so intense that some even pushed to boycott a popular corned beef brand that he owns.

Like other politicians during election season, Enrile is now a favorite target for netizens’ jeers and unforgiving memes, so the error on his COC just added fuel to the fire.

Comedian Ethel Booba, who regularly tweets political commentary wrote: “At age of 94 you should rest and enjoy your life as a businesswoman (according to his COC form). Charot (Joke)!”

Netizen @joshnuguid had a wild theory: “The real Enrile is actually dead and a businesswoman is pretending to be Enrile so her business can continue to benefit from him,” he wrote in Filipino.

@warliezdiaz did not hold his criticisms for the politician.

“Juan Ponce Enrile was defense minister, former Senate president, and senator for many years. Then he became a ‘businesswoman’,” he wrote. “How about being a plunderer? When will he admit it? #Shookt #Halalan2019 #Eleksyon2019 #VotePH.”

According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the typo was only edited after over an hour. His lawyer went back to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Office, put correction fluid on the mistake, and changed it to “businessman,” GMA News reported.

ABS-CBN News reported that whoever filled up the form got confused and thought the field was asking about the occupation of Enrile’s wife. On the document, the “profession or occupation” field is right below one asking for the name of the candidate’s spouse.

Guess it could have happened to anyone?

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