Vice Ganda’s ‘Slang’ Dictionary

MANILA, Philippines - He's indisputably the country's top comedian nowadays, may it be a gesture, a quip, or a fashion piece, anything that Vice Ganda showcases on national TV is sure to land on the Twitterverse's top trending topics.

But of the many things he's know for, there's his invention of distinct and initially perplexing words to add to the "gay lingo." These have eventually been picked up not only by other stars themselves but also by normal Netizens and rabid showbiz fans in their daily conversations.

Bulletin Entertainment rounds up Vice's most commonly used "becky terms" that, once understood, would surely allow you to get onto the same page as the "This Guy's In Love With You Mare" lead star.


While it has been a term that's already been widely used long before Vice has uttered it on air, it was nevertheless among his most favorite words to use, which describes someone as stupid.

Sample: "Alam mo ang shunga nung pagkakalagay mo nung costume mo kasi baliktad eh!"

"Puchu Puchu"

It's not a breed of a dog nor is it related to the Lebanese chocolate brand Patchi. It is actually a term coined by Vice himself on "It's Showtime" that describes a contestant's mediocre performance.

Sample: "Okay sana 'yung gumamit kayo ng horror theme kahit gasgas kaso medyo puchu puchu ang props eh."


This word has been uniquely attributed to Vice-he coined it, after all-and used in the title of his successful first solo concert last year. Derived from the gay slang "kabog" which means "bongga," this word loosely translates to fabulous. Other terms with the same meaning, which he typically uses, are "havey" and "palong palo."

Sample: "Sa lahat ng unkabogable na madlang people, maraming maraming salamat sa inyong suporta!"


No it's not the loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash, it's what Vice calls old people, which comes from the Filipino term "matatanda."

Sample: "Nakakatawa ang grupo ng mg thunders na nakasabay ko sa elevator kanina, ang saya lang nila."


Although, in a normal setting the word usually connotes an unfavorable situation, for Vice, "severe" has been transformed into an expression that means "super" or "fierce."

Sample: "Ang bongga lang nang severe ng costume ng mga tao kagabi sa Halloween party na pinuntahan ko."


Again this is not his original term, but this gay speak for a "liar" or a "ridiculous flatterer" has been part of his daily commentary as "Showtime" mainstay hurado and has also been, in fact, picked up by his co-hosts like Anne Curtis and Karylle.

Sample: "Napaka echosera mo lang Ate, fan ka na agad ni Kuya Kim eh ngayon mo lang siya nakita."


Does it sound like the Filipino translation of the word exaggerated? Well, it 's because that's what it exactly means. The only difference is that Vice enunciates the last syllable in an exaggerated crescendo tone.

Sample: "Eksaherada ang traffic kanina sa EDSA kaya ako na-late!"


It may sound like "Pirates of the Caribbean" Jack Sparrow's favorite line "savvy" but Vice's term seems to be a shorter and becky version of the quip "for real" by the conyos.

Sample: "Ano daw? Sabi sayo ng crush mo maganda ka? Saveh!"


This is actually a brief version of "just kidding."

Sample: "Ikaw naman, charot lang 'yung sinabi ko nagalit ka naman agad."

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