Vicky McClure just addressed *that* Line of Duty cliffhanger

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Photo credit: David M. Benett - Getty Images
Photo credit: David M. Benett - Getty Images

We've still only recovered about 50% following the last episode of Line Of Duty and its major cliffhanger ending. To offer up a quick recap: viewers were left uncertain about the fate of everybody's favourite officer, DI Kate Fleming (played by the legendary Vicky McClure) after she came face-to-face with Ryan Pilkington – the epitome of a bent copper if ever there was. Gunshots were fired but then the screen went black (gasp), meaning we have no idea who the bullets may have hit, if anyone.

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So, yes! Drama all the way as per – and now Vicky herself has weighed in the whole debate on whether or not the series creator, Jed Mercurio, could really be so cruel as to kill her character off (please don't be so cruel, Jed).

Speaking to her old pal Craig Parkinson (who played DI Matthew 'Dot' Cottan) on the Obsessed With... podcast, Vicky was careful not to give too much away, but said in pretty plain terms that Jed doesn't appear to have any qualms about bumping off a character - no matter how popular they are - if it serves the overall storyline. Which sounds a little bit too ominous for our liking tbh.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

"Well you know, every episode of Line of Duty history is terrifying, and Jed is always there to serve the story, and it's exactly what happened with Dot," said Vicky. "Dot's time came when it was time to serve the story and that's what Jed will always do, so I don't wanna put anything out there, but Jed serves the story." OH MY GOD. 

Naturally in true Line Of Duty fashion we'll be overanalysing this one (and Kate's possible *whisper it* exit) until we reach the point where we forget our own names. Is it a red herring? Maybe both Kate and Ryan survive? Is the sky actually green and has my entire life has just been one long hallucination? Who even knows at this point.

Other thoughts to tangle your brain with also include the potential identity of 'H', which some fans are now speculating could be no bull Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael, who recently made a return to the series.

Only five more sleeps to go until we'll all know for sure... Gulp!

Line Of Duty continues on BBC One next Sunday at 9pm.

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