Vicsal dismantles spillway that contributed to flooding in Inayawan

VICSAL Development Corporation (VDC) had built a spillway at the mouth of the Bulacao River in Barangay Inayawan, Cebu City.

When the firm was informed that the structure was one of the reasons the river overflowed and flooded portions of the barangay during downpours, it immediately dismantled the spillway and deepened and widened the watery.

Gerry Carillo, co-chairman of the Task Force Gubat sa Baha, had pointed this out after he discovered the “illegal” reclamation in the area when his team went there to inspect as part of the City’s “gubat sa baha” program and found no mangroves in the 20-hectare property earlier in October 2022.

VDC, in a clarification letter, had told him that it only owned five hectares of the land while the remaining 15 hectares were owned by Danny Lua, found and owner of Philippine Sprint Water Resources Inc.

Carillo, on Thursday, October 27, said Mayor Michael Rama has yet to issue a cease and desist order against VDC and Lua.

He also said VDC and Lua have been called to a meeting at the office of former environment secretary Roy Cimatu at City Hall on Friday, October 28.

The former councilor from the south district also said the mayor, through Cimatu, wants to meet with owners of establishments that encroach on the three-meter easement of the city’s major waterways. (PAC/PJB)