Victoria Residents Capture 'Space Debris' Burning Up in the Atmosphere

Residents of Victoria, Australia, and parts of northern Tasmania were surprised to witness a bright fireball shooting across the sky on the evening of May 22.

Brian Duro took this video and said he spotted the fireball with his daughter. He told Storyful he could only get the second half of the spectacle on video. At first, he said, “it was coming straight toward us and looked like an aircraft with its landing lights on, it was that bright.”

The video shows a number of bright objects moving together across the sky. Lens flare from the camera shows another light jumping around the frame.

Reports said that the “fireball” was likely a piece of space debris burning up as it entered Earth’s atmosphere, because the object appeared to be moving too slowly to be a meteor or comet fragment. Credit: Brian Duro via Storyful

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